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This page provides a summary of how this project will improve the roadway pavement conditions and reconstruct a new streetscape to enhance pedestrian safety and experience along the East 140th Street Corridor from St. Clair Avenue to Lakeshore Boulevard.


  • Infrastructure improvements

  • Pedestrian safety improvements 

  • Enhance pedestrian experience

  • Corridor rebranding

  • Public art and gateway

The planning study was completed by the Famicos Foundation in conjunction with the City of Cleveland, TMS Engineering, and institutional stakeholders in 2013.


  • The East 140th Street pavement resurfacing extends from St. Clair Avenue to Lakeshore Boulevard, approximately 1.37 miles.

  • From St. Clair to I-90: East 140th Street will be narrowed and rehabilitated by resurfacing pavement and reconstruction of drainage facilities.

  • From I-90 to Lakeshore: East 140th Street will maintain its existing width.  Roadway will be rehabilitated by resurfacing pavement and reconstruction of drainage facilities.

  • The streetscape along East 140th will be made safer and visually enhanced.  Improvements include:

    • Replacement or repair of non-compliant street curbs, sidewalk, and drive aprons

    • ADA-compliant curb ramps installed at street crossing locations

    • Tree lawns with street trees in select locations along the corridor

    • Bike racks, benches, and trash receptacles in select locations along the corridor

    • Collinwood branded gateway entrance signage at three locations along the corridor

    • Public Art – Mural north of the CSX Bridge

  • The structural curb and railing approaching both sides of the CSX bridge will be replaced. Structural curb under the bridge will be patched with railing to remain.

  • New signing and pavement marking will be installed, including bike lanes between Coit Road and North Waterloo Road. For additional information, see the Lane Configuration tab.

  • The new striping layout will include one bike lane and one general purpose (vehicular) lane in each direction between Coit Road and North Waterloo Road, and one general purpose lane with sharrows in each direction south of Coit Road and north of North Waterloo Road.

  • The pedestrian crossing at Nell and Argus will be improved through the installation of rectangular rapid flashing beacons (RRFBs) and ladder style crosswalks.

  • The flashing signal at Nell and the traffic signals at Argus and Jenne will be removed.

  • Waterline from St. Clair to Topeka and North Waterloo to Westropp shall be replaced.

  • Waterline service connections from St. Clair to Westropp shall be replaced.


  • The project followed Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) Plan Development Process and Engineering & Construction policies and procedures. 

  • Stakeholder meetings took place during the planning study.

  • A design public meeting was held at Five Pointe Community Center on April 27, 2022.  View the presentation from the public meeting via the link below. 


  • Pre-construction public meetings were held on April 18, 2023 and April 26, 2023. View the presentations from each public meeting via the links below. 


  • Design Completed

  • Bid/Award: March 2023

  • Construction Starts: May 2023

  • Construction Completion: October 2024


Estimated Total Construction Cost:  $8.63 Million

  • Federal Transportation Alternatives (TA) funds  - $3,437,912

  • Ohio Public Works Commission - $2,923,500

  • Cleveland Road and Bridge Bonds and Public Utilities – $2,270,251

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